PDFs especially used for showing presentation in small or a big enterprise. It facilitates you to view and print a document on different types of computer and devices. It also has the ability to embed an image within a document. Sometimes, when you don’t see images after displaying a document in Adobe Reader, you have to update the reader or adjust your setting.

There are several types of problems that Adobe Reader includes; but Adobe technical support Canada has all the solution of those problem or any of Adobe products.

Show Large Images

Adobe recommends you to use Adobe Reader on a computer with at least of a 1.3 GHz processor and 256MB of memory as to improve performance. You can also adjust the setting of Adobe Reader to now show large images in a PDF file. If you will not meet the minimum requirement of Adobe then sometimes, it results that some images in a document are not being displayed.  You can change the setting of adobe reader by clicking on the “Edit” menu and then choosing the “preference” from the drop-down menu.  Later, you have to chose the “Page Display” heading from the left side of the window, check the box stating that “Show Large Image” and then click on “Ok” button

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Scanning Issue

Adobe reader has an issue that can cause the image of the document appears as black boxes when you scan a black and white newspaper to a PDF File. It might be related to the interface mode that used while scanning. You can configure the interface mode by going through the “Custom Scan” option and then choosing “Show Scanner’s Native Interface” under the option of “User Interface while creating the PDF file. If you will unable to configure the setting then immediately contact Adobe customer support at 1-844-888-3870, our technical expert will make use of remote tech technique.